A host leads a discussion with 8-10 participants on a specific topic for 60 minutes. Typically the topic will be introduced in a short verbal presentation by the host following a discussion among all participants. This format is highly conversational and perfect for learning from each other and networking with other participants and thought leaders.


An expert in a field gives an in-depth presentation about a specific topic with 20-30 participants. Masterclasses give participants the chance to have a focused learning experience and interact with experts and a small group. The sessions can range from presentation-style to interactive.


Keynotes are reserved for top speakers that can contribute with something novel, exciting or intriguing. In no longer than 10 minutes, the speaker gives a captivating presentation to spark discussions among the participants.

Live Q&A

Give a quick 5min introduction, followed by a 10 min live Q&A by your fellow participants. We recommend presenting a controverse topic or learnings from your career to spark their interest.

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What’s Next?

We are continuesly examining incoming speaker applications in order to plan the best conference for our participants. Therefore, you can expect to hear back from us within 2-4 weeks after sending in your details.

In case we accept your speaker application, we will contact you via email and ask you to fill out a detailed form about the session you have in mind. These information will then be published on the speaker section of our website, as well as our social media channels.

You are completely free to design your session any way you can imagine. Please orientate yourself towards the 2020 topic focus. If you need guidance or can’t decide between all your amazing ideas, shoot us a message and we’ll sit down with you to find the best solution.

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