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Jeck N Tech New 2019

Thank you for a superjeile Zick 2019!

Jeck N Tech New 2019


9:30"Kölsch Buffet" - Cologne Style Breakfast
10:00Host Welcome Note
Jörg Bienert, Aiso-lab & Manuel Koelman, PIRATE
David Zimmer, coparion & Frank Risse, City of Cologne
Introduction Carnival : Moritz Delbrück, Founder First AI
Impulse "Leveraging Data Assets in the New Data Economy"
Sheridan Johns, Co-Founder Ocean Protocol
11:00Live-Stream Carnival Opening Heumarkt
11:30Workshop/Discussion 1
"Natural Language Processing"
Tina Klüwer, Founder parlamind
Workshop/Discussion 2
"AI in Automotive & Data Privacy"
Marian Gläser, Founder Brighter.Ai
12:15Lunch & Music (Schmitz Backes & co)
"Loss mer singe" (3-4 songs)
13:30Carnival Pitch Competition
Thomas Rüdel, Founder kautz
Karim Tarraf, Founder Hawa Dawa
Tilman Walch, Founder QUITT.AI
Gery Hilgemann, CTO Raypack.AI
Rupprecht Milojcic, Founder DaMedic

Eliza Shcherbakova, Coparion, Maurice Kügler, HTGF,
Jakob Herold, Target Partners & Johannes Behringer, TEV
14:30Insights: "Chinese AI in Nine Numbers"
Bianca Grizhar, Solutions Architect MVP Factory
14:45Sorry, I didn't get that. Status quo smart ass assistants and voice kill development.
Andreas Kwiatkowski, Founder Soundreply
15:00Open Discussion Round 1
Barcamp - Topic will be selected during Lunch
Open Discussion Round 2
Barcamp - Topic will be selected during Lunch
Summary of Jeck'nTech
15:45Carnival WARM-UP by Leni (RaveAerobic)
Carnival Line-up:
Nippeser Bürgerwehr
Music & Live Sax by Andi
18:00Departure to Gürzenich
open end
"Fest in Blau"
Famous local Carnival Party
Jeck N Tech New 2019


Jeck N Tech New 2019

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