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Jeck N Tech New tickets

Tickets and bundles

Cologne carnival is not an occasion that should be celebrated alone. That is why we recommend coming around with your friends and getting a ticketbundle.

The more the merrier!

If you’re looking to come with a group of people. we got you covered. Groups of more than 3 persons will be offered costumes & discounts on top!
Contact for more information.

“Jeck’n’Tech blends the traditional Cologne carnival with an international crowd perfectly. It’s not only providing great input on cutting-edge topics, but also is great fun for everyone invited.”

Sven Lackinger, Managing Director

Jeck’n’Tech is combining two of the best things in Cologne, Karneval (Carnival) and the tech scene!

Till Buttermann, Co-Founder & CEO

“Perfect mix of networking, tech and carnival – Great experience for every tech-jeck!”

Simon Schmitz, CEO