Jeck'N'Tech 2019

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February 19 – 20, 2020

Become Jeck

Jeck'N'Tech 2019

That was Jeck’n’Tech 2019

For our first edition in 2019, 120 handpicked high-level startup founders, investors and corporate executives cam together in the middle of the old town during Cologne’s “fifth season”. 
It was a “superjeile Zick”! 

*Jeck [ˈjɛk]
A Jeck is any person that participates in the Cologne Carnival.
Contrary to members of official Carnival Clubs (Karnevalsverein) who are called Karnevalisten, anyone can be a Jeck. This is also where the name of this years event “Jeck ‘n Tech” derives from.

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